Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Easy stitch 'n save is Easy

At the end of last week, Kitty made a quick visit to Melbourne. Do you think we might've snuck in a bit of fabric shopping? Why, yes we did...

We both bought some poly (I think) knit with a lace print from Spotlight ($5/m knits MUST be bought you know) and also McCall's 6308 - one of their Easy Stitch 'n Save patterns (Clegs was having a half price sale, so we got 'em for $4).

This looks a bit similar to the Out Of Print McCall's 6070, but with a different back and the midriff band doesn't go all the way around.

So, they seemed like a great match. Today is Melbourne Cup Day, so Melbourne gets a public holiday (for a horse race... hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth!). So I sewed her up today.

I made a few minor changes - added 3cm to the front band to make it more like a midriff band (an added the same to the back of course) and 10cm to the bottom. It was a very quick - under two hours. It would have been even quicker, apart from having to rethread the overlocker from coverstitch to overlocking to rolled hem back to overlocking... phew! I coverstitched the neck instead of using the suggested neck binding.

I also changed the back neckline from a v back to a shallow scoop - it ended up a bit raised, which is a nice effect:

It ended up a little low in the neckline, so I've tacked it closed so it's decent for work...


Gail said...

I have a theory about Spotlight knits. They are stretchier than other knits and cause low necklines!! Can't be down to our pattern fitting skills. Nice dress btw.

kitty said...

Can I just say how UNFAIR it is that you got a public holiday and I didn't? UNFAIR. There, I said it.
Fabulous frock by the way.

Doobee64 said...

2nd vote for the unfair holiday - Brissy didn't get one either!!! But we did get an extended lunch to watch the race, and a chance to 'frock-up' so shouldn't complain.
Agree with the Spotlight theory, but at $5/m complaints go out the window. Great dress and perfect fit.

Doobee64 said...

Hi, here is a random question. I was recently awarded the Versatile Blogger Award and as such need to pass it onto several other blogs that I follow.
Would the two of you mind if I select your great blog to share with others???