Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vintage Fabric Heidi

It's been a long time between posts; I've been sewing, just not fast enough to blog about it.

I finished the final iteration of Heidi today.

She fought me all the way.
I've been working on this frock for weeks! The fabric was slippery and recalcitrant, and it just wasn't fun. I got through the ordeal by working on her in short bursts, giving up and closing the door of the sewing room when I felt ready to throw the whole thing in the bin.

I even made a self-fabric cummerbund too. I think you can tell by my posture in the cummerbund pic that I'm not thrilled with it! I think this version of the frock looks better without a belt:
The cummerbund took ages too, because of the naughty fabric. Sigh.

I lined her in bright pink cotton poplin, inspired by the little bit of pink in the fabric:

I'm pleased with the final result, but she shall sit in the wardrobe until I'm over the ordeal of making her. Also until it warms up enough to wear her. I might even warm to the cummerbund with time, but I'm not counting on it.

In the chilly weather, my thoughts turn to knitting. I love sitting on the couch with a nice warm knit!

This is what I've made:
Big Bad Baby Blanket: from Stitch n Bitch, in an acrylic from Spotlight:

Sludgy green ribbed lace bolero, for Ms Mog, who says she loves it and wore it already so maybe she doesn't lie:

Yarn is "Classic" 100% merino (colour Guava) from Bendigo Woollen Mills.

I'm knitting another, more complicated baby blanket now. More on that one later.


Uma Preve said...

The dress looks lovely!

moggy said...

She's worth the struggle!

I disliked the bolero SO MUCH I wore in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So there!.

PS we gotta think Fifties Fair Frocks...

Carol said...

The dress is lovely and she was worth the wrestle. The fabric is very pretty. I like the bolero and I love the colour. I must have order some as my knitting stash is getting low.

Gail said...

I absolutely adore this dress. the fabric might have been a struggle but it looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, lucky Mog!
Like the last Heidi, too. :)
~Sarah B

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Love the fabric, and the bright pink lining!

Echo said...

Yep, good dress and it looks lovely on you too. I agree about the cum'bum (as my kids call it!) - better without a belt.

Anonymous said...

I love you for using the word "recalcitrant" in a sentence!