Saturday, May 15, 2010

Silk shift

I have a wedding to attend later in the year, and was talking of my desire for turquoise silk to Ms Moggy. I put it out there, and before I could say 'why-don't-I-make-a-too-tight-sheath-dress', Moggy scored me nearly 4 metres of turquoise/red silk dupioni for $10 total! Well Ms Mog, now
I'm dreaming about a million dollars, small bills. You should get on that.

I made New Look 6736 again, but forgot I made it in a stretchy fabric last time didn't I? Sigh. Here it is, much too tight over the bewbs and mid section. I even bought a vintage brooch on ebay to wear with it, as you can see in the close up.

I did teeny seams, and I suppose I could let out the darts a bit, but the thing is I underlined it. I never underline anything. I'd have to undo all that to alter it. Erm, not gonna happen. I bought these new-old-stock sheets at an auction you see, and the blue/green ones just looked so cute with the fabric. It does stop the silk wrinkling too.

Oh well. It's a cute frock, and I do have enough to make another, slightly bigger version. I just can't see that happening though, I've kind of moved on.


moggyo said...

Ooh, she's cute. Love the brooch too. Dang that forgetting the previous stretch fabric issue - I've done that before.

Now I gotta think what to do with my blue/green dupioni I bought.

And that million bucks...

livebird said...

DANG. How annoyance.

Incidentally, I have pillowcases in your lining fabric. Part of my rotating loud floral sheet collection. Love 'em.

Moggy: where you find this silk? Hmmmm?

Vivian V. Dimples said...

Oh, I think it looks fine but then I love a tight dress.

Carol said...

Cute dress. You'll be OK so long as you don't consume anything at the wedding. Oh and try not to breathe too often as it will put strain on those seams. Seriously though, it's a lovely dress and the colour is so pretty. I keep seeing everyone making things out of teals and turquoise lately. I have a yellow/mustard version of your blue sheet. I was going to make DH a shirt with it.