Sunday, February 22, 2009


It is almost a year since Kitty and I went to JAPAN! Since then, the Yen has jumped against the li'l aussie dollar (in fact every currency has, I don't know why since we are apparently in 'better shape' than other western countries hit by the financial crisis, but I am not an economist or an accountant or anything like that so I don't know why that should be, but I digress...) Short story is, no going to JAPAN! this year.

So instead I made a vaguely JAPAN! inspired frock from the vaguely JAPAN!ese print I bought today (yes, I was going to make something from the stash, but since that was going to be a spotty frock and I used it to make the reversible doiley bolero the other day [or should I say 'the other year'] I didn't have enough).
So I made this instead
The top is the lovely vintage Butterick 8149 and the skirt is the straight 'un from Vogue 9668 (I like that one because it is a has hip room).

It is such a quick make. Would have been quicker if I wasn't faffing around repotting Mrs Butt the Bouganvillia and harvesting tomatoes and defrosting prawns.


kitty said...

Excellent! The requested flurry of frocks begins!
I know someone who will be landing in Tokyo in about 24 minutes from now.
They are staying in the ryokans we stayed in.
(although they will be paying almost double what we did with this exchange rate...I agree, what's up with that?)

moggy said...

I'm just going to have to plan my next holiday in... a year or so...

kitty said...

To JAPAN?!!! Take me, take me!