Friday, November 14, 2008

Back in the sewing saddle

Apart from de-jet-lagging this week (hoorah for time off after a holiday!) I have made a start on the Dresstember wardrobe extension.

First is another version of Simplicity 3774 , this time without sleeves. After I was half way through, I realised how similar it is to one Kitty made earlier - weirdly, almost exactly one year ago! This has a fuller skirt though (it's a windy day, so you can't really see it). I've taken to frankensteining the 4 gore skirt from New Look 6557 on any frock that needs a nice full-but-not-circle skirt.


The other dress is another old favourite, a Style pattern from the seventies. I haven't decided if I going to have it as a halter or plain straps.... or I could be tricky and put buttons on the inside of the back, and buttonholes on the straps, and make it convertible...

In an uncharacterisic fit of efficiency, I also cut another out of this material:

I haven't cut the skirt out yet, I might make it with a straight skirt.


kitty said...

Lovely, both of them. I'd particularly like to see the 70s one on you. I don't think Jane does it justice. And I like the convertible idea, sometimes I don't feel up to a halter. Is that strange?

lucy tartan said...

Style patterns from the 70s are pretty terrific.

livebird said...

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back... (sung in Welcome Back Kotter style.)

Noice. And convertible? That's TWO dresses for Dressember. GENIUS.