Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vintage Neglect Syndrome

I haven't done any sewing, unless you count sewing up a certain knitted hoodie (which I haven't finished sewing up by the way. I blame pure laziness.)

Today one of my spies texted me that there was a vintage fair at Leichhardt Town Hall.

Now, how I didn't know about this when I walk past the place on a regular basis is still baffling me. It's on once a month apparently, and within walking distance of my house. I do flick through the local paper every week.

Only one thing can explain it. I have developed Vintage Neglect Syndrome or VNS.

This rare disease occurs in the sew-er and vintage shopper who, having spent many of her younger years straining her pecs and hands pulling through racks of polyester, faux fur and napthalene scented rayon, and risking her knees and back squatting on her haunches lifting boxes and old suitcases of vintage patterns and fabrics, has lost all of her vintage radar through overuse.

Obviously, I now have to rely on others to let me know about such things as vintage fairs, rather than being able to sniff them out myself. Symptoms include not seeing flyers, banners, signboards and newspaper ads for vintage fairs in plain sight. I can only think this loss of independence is due to the mothball odours that have ruined my vintage-sniffing-out abilities. Full time carers are required to point the person afflicted with VNS towards vintage shops and fairs.

I should have realised what was happening, when I was in Melbourne in December, and was in the vicinity of Lost and Found, but somehow didn't make it there.

This afternoon, thanks to my kind spy, I was able to make it to the fair 15 minutes before closing time. The lady at the desk let me in for free (obviously a kind person who recognised my condition when she saw it) and, although I didn't have time to fully explore everything, it looked excellent. It's probably best I didn't go through the racks and exacerbate my problems though, don't you think?

Oh and apparently the ability to buy vintage boots is unaffected by VNS.


moggy said...

Fine pair of boots, Kitty!

I feel partly at fault that you didn't go to Lost and Found when you were here. It's 10 minutes walk from my house, dangnab it!

crybaby said...

You bought those boots off me!!!!!!

crybaby said...

There is the Canterbury Racecourse vintage fair coming up again on the 17th/18th of April, then Leichhardt again on the second Saturday of May.

Next time, come to the Empire 47 stall for a special "I Want to Frock and Roll All Night is one of my favourite blogs and has the best name ever" discount!!!

kitty said...

Oh yay Crybaby! That was you! I love those boots! Moggy is coming up to Sydney in April for the Canterbury Racecourse vintage fair so we'll be sure to seek you out and say hello. Thank you for the kind offer of a discount...most generous of you!