Sunday, March 08, 2009

ChildHood from Knitty

I haven't done any sewing lately, because I have been knitting this:

It's ChildHood, from Knitty.
E's first birthday is in early April, and I only have the hood and finishing to do. I should make it.
I will follow the pattern's suggestion and use snaps as closures with buttons sewn on the band. If I can find the right buttons that is. Curse you buttonmania for not being in Sydney!
I'm using Moda Vera bamboo/cotton from Spotlight, which is lovely and silky, being mostly bamboo. It is a bit splitty, but nothing too bad as long as I use bluntish needles.

2 comments: said...

I saw the safety pin and thought, "Awww, she's making a little punk baby cardigan!" But no - buttons are great, too (and perhaps quicker on and off than safety pins).

There is a teeny little girl in our neighbourhood whose mother dresses her punk-ish, it's totally adorable in a ragamuffin sort of way. hemp and wood choker, tattered cardigan with a band name safety pinned on the back, ratty lime green tutu with waffle-weave long johns, you get the picture.

kitty said...

I would totally punk up this cardigan if E belonged to me. I would make it in black and lime green and put those old fashioned nappy pins on it, with the snap caps so little fingers couldn't open them. Besides, punk baby cardigan with nappy pins? C.U.T.E.