Saturday, February 14, 2009

Naughty naughty

I had every intention of sewing today. Last night I played trace 'ums at Livebird's house while eating chocolate and half-watching an incomprehensible Clara Bow film (moral of the story: don't marry then kill a chap then run away with his son on a baroness' borrowed passport).

Today I went shopping for too long and consequently didn't cut out or sew any of the things I planned to (tomorrow, honest!).

However I now have 400% more indoor plants (yep, I only had one before, alright?) and the most superb rotating VIrgin of Guadulupe light (complete with Mexican Flag! and roses!)

I love the colour of this pot - sort of fifties green lustre. I got them from one of those cheapie all sorts o' crud shops - incredibly they were $1.80 each which is a bargain (they are about 16cm high).

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kitty said...

I want those pots! And the Virgin of Guadalupe lamp! Fabulousity!