Monday, December 22, 2008

I see your tiny happy and raise you a reversible pursible

What is this, a bag-off? I think so!

I made a version of the reversible pursible. So handy, so quick, so easy! Nice for striped fabric too. I made this for myself, since I needed something for those times when you just want to pop a purse, phone, sunglasses into a bag and wander about.

I also made another tiny happy bag for another young lassie for xmas.

Is it obvious she likes cats?


kitty said...

All very well, but what's on the reverse of the reversible pursible?

moggy said...

It's a mystery! Well, actually it is this material

delamare said...

Oh, that other young lassie is going to love that kitty - sorry moggy - bag!!

livebird said...

I want a reversible pursible!! You have pattern? Or is it, as I imagine, so easy you don't need one??

Clegs mish tomorrow. Yay!

moggy said...

Livebird, if you follow the link to Kitty's post, there is a link in there to the Martha pattern and instructions. (I have got a full size copy of the pattern if you want a loaner).

Happy Clegging!