Monday, November 03, 2008

Sewing for work

A great irony of my life is that I can't wear frocks to work. Imagine, me with a frock obsession and innumerable frocks! (for the curious, I work in healthcare, mainly with babies and kids. Involves being dribbled on frequently, and worse on rare occasions, as well as a lot of squatting and sitting on floors and grass, in sandpits etc)

So my frock-wearing self is a bit of a secret identity. I always think I'd like to swan about in my frocks at work, but I also like that putting on a frock signals 'me' time.

So I don't usually make work clothes. I don't want to make trousers (although I have) because I don't really like wearing them that much and I need to be a bit excited about what I sew.

The other day I was looking around the shops for new shirts for work, but the ones I liked were all $80 to $120. I have to be IN LOVE with something to spend that amount of money. So even though I'm not too excited about sewing them, I needed shirts, so a stash dive was in order.

The striped shirt is Butterick 4985, which I've made previously. (I might only wear this one on days I have no babies scheduled. The tie is a bit too... tuggable)

For the green patterned shirt I used a pattern I've also made before, a few times, including lengthened frock versions. One of Moggy's and my favourite patterns, I think it's safe to say. It's New Look 6513, but with cap sleeves instead of puffy sleeves this time, and I made it with the pointed collar instead of the rounded one for a change.


Katie said...

I like these tops - I can't wear dresses to work either, so I'm going to have to grab these patterns, they look great made up!

Lory said...

Really cute tops!