Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Schoolmarm sassy

I made the blouse yesterday, from Butterick 4985, in cotton with little apples on it from Spotlight. I changed the sleeves, as I always seem to do. I didn't want the fluttery sleeves or the big puff sleeves. Today I made another pull on knit skirt, this time in lovely schoolmarm grey. Is 'marm' a word on its own? Or does it only go with 'school'? Hmm, might have to look that one up.


Dawn said...

What exactly did you do to the sleeves? I have the pattern too and my muslin has really poofy sleeves, which I don't really like. And, that skirt is cute, cute, cute, and sassy. It isn't a bought pattern is it? I assume when you say she "whipped it up" you mean she drafted it herself right? Inquiring minds what to know.

kitty said...


I used the sleeve piece from a different (vintage) pattern, and shortened them quite a bit too. The sleeve caps were way too big, so I gathered them for a little puff at the top, rather than try and redraft them. (Too much like hard work!)
Moggy used a pattern from the 80s for the skirt, I believe, which was a stretch tube skirt which sat on the hips. She drafted a rectangular waistband using her waist measurement plus seam allowance for the length, cut it out about 28cm wide, and added it to the skirt. It is then folded over, and sewn to the top of the skirt (inside). It can be worn up as a high waister or rolled down for a regular waisted skirt.
Hope that helps!

livebird said...

Aha, it's the fabric from the Apple iFrock in another incarnation! Hope yours escaped the iron scorching that mine suffered. Outfit is muy sassy. I call this look 'the sexy librarian' and suggest that if you wear glasses, take them off slowly and enjoy the men around saying "Why, Miss Kitty, you're beautiful!" Obviously, if you don't have glasses, time to get some.

moggy said...

I think I may make the shirt in satin leopard...?

PS The skirt pattern was McCalls "1 hour low rise skirt" 3268 copyright 2001. Why draft when you can adapt, say I!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the info ladies! I think I'll be doing my own version of the saucy, sassy librarian too. If I do make it, I'll post it for ya'll to see.

delamare said...

Moggy - or if you can get your VERY clever sister to make it up for you perhaps???

Shannie said...

I just found this blog a couple days ago, and it totally inspired me.
You guys are so much fun! I had to add a link to your blog on mine!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Frock on!

Dawn said...

I just posted the B4985. It turned out nice but almost too Miami Vice-y. Okay, Miami Vice with a feminine flair.