Saturday, November 10, 2007


That's her name. This is another version of blue spotty, put together from two patterns. This fabric is a bit heavier than the spot though, so I knew I didn't want the skirt to be quite as full. So I folded in some width on the pattern pieces. Only thing is, I went a bit too far with my folding and managed to shear a couple of inches off the hips. Grrr. So I did teeny seam allowances, but it is still mighty tight over my hips. I guess if I get annoyed wearing her, I have enough fabric to make another skirt, so she is on probation for now. Durn beginner's luck strikes again.
She's purty though.


Shannon said...

Your dress is lovely - it looks like it fits perfectly!

moggy said...

I want that pattern!!!

MadeByAmanda said...

being too tight on the hips, though, gives it a nice vintage-wiggle dress silhouette.