Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Say hello to my little friend

I now have a dressform! I don't have room for one, but I have one anyway! Mr M and I saw her at an auction place on the weekend, but I didn't have my tapemeasure with me. (I know! But I'd switched handbags that morning, so I'm lucky I remembered my purse, which has been left behind before when I've switched handbags.) Mr M helpfully encircled the waist with his hands, and said, yep...your size.
I went back yesterday before work, tapemeasure in hand, and he was right, so I put in an absentee bid. And today I got her! For $70! Enough exclamation marks for ya?(!)

Bonus -( I didn't notice until Mr M pointed it out), she has tags, so she may be 'new old stock'. There's a bit of rusty pitting on the chrome neck plug thing, but she is in perfect condition otherwise.

Mr M wants to call her Jane, as she is an Ese-Jane model, but Moggy has an Ese-Jane named, well, Jane. I'm thinking Betty.


moggy said...

Oooh she's pristeeeen! Your hemming will never be the same!

In a good way, of course.

Kristy said...

Good find and bargain price! My dressform is also a second hand model but she is a little more worn than yours....the fabric around it's "nipples" is frayed and worn which is very embarrassing (I don't want people to think I caress her, I only do that to my fabric) so I keep her covered up!