Saturday, July 12, 2008

A-line experiment

Crazy, I know, but I realised recently that I don't have a black A-line skirt in my wardrobe! I think I got rid of the two I had in my last wardrobe cleanup.
I made this today, a plain pull-on A-line in cotton thierry knit, a scrap from this frock. I put faux pocket flaps on the front to make it less boring. I based it on the pattern from the high waisted tripfit skirts, but with a narrower waistband due to lack of fabric.
This wasn't the right fabric for this project; I think a less 'floppy' fabric would work better, but it will do for about the house, shopping etc.
I'm standing in that bizarre manner to show the A-line, as it flops down into a straight looking skirt unless I do an awkward 1960s style modelling pose.


moggy said...

Love the fauxpockets concept! So, will she appear in the doubleknit?

kitty said...

I believe she may, Moggy! I might put real pockets in the next one, I keep trying to put my hands in these ones.