Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Citrine, with pockets internal and external

I finished my coat. I am very happy with her - took her out for a road test to the theatre (highly recommended) this evening - the internal ticket pockets worked a treat!

The buttons aren't actually crooked, and there are four of them (bought at the Great Buttonmania Sale of '08). Lovely big grey carved deco looking numbers.

And here is her lining, which earnt her the name Citrine:


kitty said...

Another New Look winner! And those shoes....mmmm!

Carol said...

Stunning! Have you seen the Doris Day film Do Not Disturb? She wears an orange sequin dress with a long white coat and the very demure white coat is lined with orange sequins. I first saw it when I was a kid and it's inspired me ever since. I love linings like yours. Today I am wearing a skirt made from a 50c scrap of 60's mustard fleck upholstery fabric I bought a Vinnie's and it's lined with purple satin with Snoopy on it. I love your work!