Saturday, October 20, 2007


I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this pattern, which I won on ebay, and which I am hoping I can make with the 2 metres of rosebud fabric from the fifties fair. Looks do-able (I'm talking the slim skirt version), or am I being optimistic? Will I run short of fabric or will it be the usual story of the frock being about 25cm too long, so I will not need the 2 5/8 yards the pattern will probably say I should have? Oh the suspense!

(Blogged while waiting for the first coat of paint on my lounge room walls to dry. You're such a trendsetter Mogster)


moggy said...

I'm sure you will fit it on - just cut the skirt last!

When I was out shopping today I saw a lady with this very neckline (a top and not a dress) and very nice it looked too!

I'm waiting to put the last coat on the floor. Floors are easier to paint, but the fact that it is the loungeroom and the bathroom is a tad awkward!

...and you beat me to sofa buying!

Cat said...

Don't forget you can always cot facing pieces from plain fabric if necessary. Also if you are really pressed try cutting the skirt just longer then finished length and use bias so hem it. Good luck.

kitty said...

Thanks Cat, great tips! The pattern arrived and it says it takes 2 and 1/8 yards for the slim skirt version, so hopefully I will squeeze it on!