Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rickrack Attaaaaack

This is from another one of those Mail Order Patterns (so far, so good; somewhat unfamiliar methods on bits of them, but they work, mate!).

This is out of the jumbo Italian pink linen gingham and green rickrack from the Remnant Warehouse in Marrackville - from the Sydney jaunt - and the pattern from ebay as posted some weeks ago (see top pattern).

This is a true housedress pattern - no zips or fastenings apart from a couple of self-ties to cinch the back waist in. There are three pieces for the front (one bodice cut on the fold and two skirt pieces) and two for the back (right and left sides).

Oh, and let's not forget the pockets. Placed at juuuust the right height for hand insertion, hoorah!

In hindsight, Kitty and I realised that yes, there WAS a use for that giant rickrack at Remnant Warehouse... maybe next time I'm in Sydney!


kitty said...

I love:
1. Pink and green together
2. Rick rack
3. Gingham
4. The bias cut pockets, such visual interest!
5. The new and very 'now' Perpetual Picnic look for summer!

moggy said...

Do you think it deserves a "Certified fashionable in the TPOB Universe" seal of approval a la the 1940s Butterick pattern covers?

livebird said...

Noice. Very noice. Giant rickrack source in Melbs = Rathdowne Warehouse. Just in case.

delamare said...

Very very purty and just right for picnic wearing (that should be, wearing to a picnic, not wearing the picnic). And even nicer in real life.

Kathryn said...

Months late on the scene, I realize...
I am insanely jealous and covet this pattern! Anne Adams or Marian Martin?