Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baby blanket update

The baby shower is this weekend, and the theme is 'dress like a lady' apt. I can do that.

I think I may have even inspired the theme, and as you well know Moggy, I AM an inspiration.

So, here is the blanket, finished and blocking (two weeks to spare. Excuse me for not blogging earlier, but it is a frock blog after all). Blankie's now in a box ready to go, with a lemon tart, to the shower. I think the floral necky, pale blue ribbon belt, pale blue shoes and bag. Lady-like enough for you?

1 comment:

moggy said...

Oh yes, ladylike enough (and no, I categoricaly deny hiding your ribbons last time I visited) I do declare.

If she doesn't love it, I'd be amazed!