Thursday, August 16, 2007

Robe 'n' Roll

So, when you come home from a hard day's slog at the coalmine, you face the eternal question: do I get straight on to making that cheese 'n' bacon toasted sandwich, or do I sew that dressing gown I cut out eons ago while staying at mum's house?

Tonight's answer: make the robe, then grill the bacon, then melt the cheese, then enjoy.

Pattern: New Look 6443 - I went looking for the simplest dressing gown pattern I could find, and New Look were 1/2 price at Spottie so there you go. And so easy too!


kitty said...

Yay for skully robe! I can't figure out how to get Vegas Elvis onto a robe, or should that be a fleece jumpsuit? The black belt on skully robe is a little tribute to Elvis-The Karate Years- isn't it, on this 30th anniversary of his demise?

moggy said...

Yes, the ka-ra-tay Elvis indeed! I was looking at my Elvis fleece this morning and pondering that very question... this pattern has a rather square and very plain back, so it might work (I just remembered that the other reason I bought this pattern is that it doesn't have very dropped shoulders, which I like).

delamare said...

Noice view of the new concrete floor too!

busy91 said...

The skulls rock! *throws up horns*