Sunday, August 19, 2007

Accessory day at Chez Kitty

It's been pouring rain all day, so what to do? Well, there was the little problem of not having a bag to go with my blue spottie frock. I made a flat bottom bag from the Jordy bag tutorial on craftster. It's lined with grey/black denim, because that's all I had. I put two little blue spottie pockets inside and used a magnetic clasp. Should do nicely.
Then, the belt. Because of the back centre seams of the frock being somewhat awry (that's what I get for Frankenstein-ing), hopefully this belt will distract the eye of people peering at my back. Because people do, you know.


moggy said...

Nice Jordy bag display unit y'got there little lady. Charming accessorising - you will knock 'em dead at the fair!

kitty said...

Well, I was going for the Mike- Leigh-working-class-desperation- accessory-rack look, with just enough perspective and symmetry to make it 'art'.
Glad you noticed.

livebird said...

Ooooh, access-o-match. Classy. Next I want to see gloves with spotty trimming, barettes and spats.

kitty said...

livebird, I did think about a headband...but SPATS! Now you're talking!