Saturday, May 05, 2007

Now a knit blog!

Muwahahahaha! While you have been unable to sew and post, this blog has been boarded by pirates and is now a knit blog! Except I don't have any cats so I can't be a true knitblogger.

As you may be aware, I'm making 'Calista's Alexander McQueen knock-off sweater'. This is my progress so far. (I'm not putting the flowers on by the way). Needs a ruddy good blocking. I have done the ribbing on the second bodice piece, and there's still a long slog to go, so plenty of time to think about blocking.
On a bit of a knitting jag, must be the cooler weather. Although it has been very warm the last few days, I know it's just foxing and I will be unable to leave the house in a frock for months soon.

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