Sunday, April 15, 2007


How much do I like simple patterns? A whole lot, so for your delictation I present an easy pattern:

And how cute is she? Black and white coin spot cotton from Spotlight, with some of the cute elastic ruffle trim from the Vietnamese shop on Smith St (how I love you, supplier of trims). Super easy and mighty cute.

There is no zip, and I left out the back tie, as I will wear her with a wide belt, or my underbust corset (which is what I made her for - mine is plain black though)
or a pinafore.


frockalicious said...

Lovely! I demand a pic with said underbust corset on! Action shot!

moggy said...

I shall do one when i am gussied up one night!

livebird said...

Hello!!!! Livebird here - you kindly commented on SewRetro, Moggy. Ooooh, pattern swap. I'm totally up for it. I've just managed to snag some patterns on the Bay of E, one of which is a 38-incher. Seems I will have to learn pattern scaling also. I'll drop you another line when the postman bringeth them.
You two have a ripper of a blog and have made some truly fabulous things. Thanks again!