Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When I was young

...I dreamt of having enough fabric, patterns, and haberdashery (I prefer that to 'notions') lying about the house so that I could make something that took my fancy at any given time, even on a Sunday!

(OK, so now they have Sunday trading, but still...)

Here is my quick 'n' dirty cummerbund - doesn't every girl have hook 'n' eye tape and featherweight boning lying about the house?
Luckily I am sure that the blackness of Cappy will hide the flaws and stray threads. I am sure the ends of the boning will make me sit straight all night!

PS this eBay seller is a good source of silk - and the stretch means you don't have to cut it on the bias - yay! I got some black stretch satin before and it is lovely - must make slippage from it forthwith.

1 comment:

frockalicious said...

Remember, there's still no Sunday trading in Perth so you dodged a bullet there.
Nice 'bund! How thoughtful of you to show it on a lighter frock so I can appreciate it's cummerliness.
And have you bought from that ebay seller before?