Monday, November 27, 2006

I know, I know, it's not a frock

but it was a lot more work than most frocks I make.
I used this McCall's shirt pattern, view D, but had to make a lot of modifications for Mr Matty:

1. Cut out a large, but tapered to a medium sleeve cap and armcye
2. Made the hem straight instead of tuck in tails
3. Made epaulettes and then forgot to put them in. Matty says he likes it better without
4. The cuff was WAY too big for the sleeve, so I took out most of one sleeve end pleat
5. Redrafted the front yoke to a pointy one

and yes, I used the snap setter. Didn't break any snaps, but must have been hitting too hard because I had to discard a few that went all squashy and wouldn't close over the other bit. No, I don't know what I mean either.
Oh dear, this is after a good pressing. Hopefully a wash will settle it a bit.

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moggy said...

That's a professional looking result! Not just because of Mattie's excellent catalogue-style modelling either.

Smooshed snaps you say? I wonder why. I give mine one good bang (ooh err!) which seems to do the trick... I rest the snapsettaaaaa on a piece of scrap wood too, dunno if that helps.

PS I need advice on how to make a cummerbund - I have decided cappy needs one.