Monday, December 24, 2012

Catch up post

I made this frock a while ago from my now TNT ponte frock pattern, which is a plain boat neck, cut-on sleeve, waist-darts-folded-out version of a vintage sheath pattern. I scooped out the neckline a bit for this one.

The fab herringbone print ponte fabric was found by Moggy, yay for fabric finder friends in other cities!

The bust darts sit too high because the neckline stretched out and I had to take it up and in at the shoulders, but I wear it all the time anyway.


teawed said...

I love the dress and the fabric is indeed fab.

Gail said...

Love the vibrant colour.

Moggy said...

Love the Batman camera angle!

Anonymous said...

Nice, I linked through today and this has been a fun read. I know one of you is in NSW but is the other in VIC? Would be awesome to know a little more about you-faces wouldn't hurt either. Thanks for the laughs-cheers.