Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shamed... into posting

It's true, we've both been sewing plenty but no postie! I've done cambies, fauxleros, two reversible skirts... but for the moment I shall post yesterday's l'├ętole transformable - 'transformable stole' (you can translate that page into English, or the tutorial Deptitsriens kindly supplies has English in it).

I've had my eye on that for a while, and as I'm in the planning stages for a European trip in late March / April, when the weather will probably be quite changeable, and I aim to do carryon only for the fourishfiveish week trip., I thought why not a nice little convertible stole / scarf / bolero / wrap / blanky?

The fabric is a pea green wool-nylon that I picked up at the Fabric-a-brac that Kitty and I went to last year (? or was it the year before?) and the buttons are some cute plastic ones from an ebay stash bought yonks ago.

It's basically a rectangle - long enough to reach from wrist to wrist, doubled over and sewn (with a little gap for turning), turned, topstitched and then put on eight buttons and buttonholes (four each side each end, on opposite sides)

Here is is 1) buttoned into a bolero (folded along the longest side, buttoned together to make sleeves) and 2) folded the opposite way (so short side to short side) and buttoned so it's a bit like a poncho.
Oh, and I've also made a raincoat and a lace print dress and and... to be posted.


sheila said...

I had to laugh at your comment that the weather may be quite changeable!
Understatement! 4 seasons in one day, more like!
If you are visiting Brussels, , contact me!

Ben said...

it's a nice adaptation. thanks for the link.
See you soon on my blog ;-)