Saturday, July 21, 2012

Starting a new frock

I bought this fabric at Fabric-a-brac.  It was marked as silk, but I think it may be rayon.  I did the burn test but it had characteristics of rayon and maybe acetate according to this chart.  It really doesn't matter to me as it was reasonably priced and I love the colours and painterly smudginess.

I'm making it into Sewaholic's Cambie frock.

I've made the lining already, as a sort of muslin (thanks for that suggestion Moggy) and apart from pinching a little bit out of the back neckline (I always get the gapes there), all systems are go.  
Also, the lining is already made now, yay!  I only have 2 metres of this narrow fabric, so I am not doing the pockets, just a regular A line skirt.

I've cut into the vintage fabric, which I always find easier to do if it hasn't sat in the stash too long.  (If I don't use it fairly quickly after purchase it seems to become part of "the collection", sigh)

I'm stitching this on one of the featherweights, and pinking the edges. Even though they'll be hidden in the lining, I still don't like the idea of edges fraying in there.  Hopefully I'll have some time to sew this up this weekend.

I have a couple more TNT frocks to show too, I just have to take the photos. 


Carol said...

I love this fabric - it has a touch of Van Gogh to my eye.

Gail said...

Definitely right for the Cambie. It will look magnificent.