Thursday, December 29, 2011

Initial tripfits

Hey, did we mention that we've booked a holiday? Kitty and I are venturing to Europe - it was a choice between that or the USA to explore the Smithsonians and other ports of call... but London, Paris and Rome and points in between won out.

We are going in the last week of March, coming back in the third week of April - so the weather is a bit unpredictable. The travel wardrobe I took this March to Belgium / France / London worked really well, although I hardly wore my coat at all.

But... what's a holiday without themed sewing in the lead up?

So we are in the middle of working out where those points may be, researching fabric districts, and of course thinking of said tripfits! I'm contemplating a black / blue / green theme. So far I've made a dress / pinafore from Simplicity retro 3673 in self-striped bengaline

A day bag from Butterick 5273 with the leftover bengaline, with an embroidered motif of  a sweet graveyard, tree and owl (from

Oh, and did I mention that I caught the fever and got my own Singer Featherweight? It's a 221K rather than the 222K - the difference being that this one doesn't have the free arm.

It's so lovely to sew on!

Next things to attempt - shrugs, a cape, shirred or faux wrap skirt, and a couple of knit dresses...


kitty said...


Stevie said...

Fabulous! You will have to come and say hello when your in London! x

DianeS said...

Hi Moggy, I think we meet on Boxing Day in Cleg's buying cheap patterns. Happy to have found your blog. Cheers Di

Carol said...

I just watched a bad 60s film with Troy Donahue called Rome Adventure. The clothes were gorgeous, though. That first dress could be the start of a whole Roman Holiday themed wardrobe! Add a circle skirt, a cute blouse and some ballet flats and you'll be looking like Audrey in no time!

Moggy said...

Hey DianeS, yes that was I in Clegs on Boxing Day. Hope your New Year's break includes some sewing - I know mine will, as long as I can get around the whole too-hot-to-move thing! It's hard sewing for cool weather when it's 30+ degrees.