Sunday, January 03, 2010


Part of my trip preparation ritual is making a new bag. I like to have a bag to carry stuff on the plane and for wandering about the streets with a camera and cardigan and bottle of water and all that kind of thing.
So here's this trip's bag - I haven't road tested it yet, so it remains to be seen if it comes on holiday with me:
It converts from the big size (good for magazines and carrying bulkier stuff like the aforementioned cardigan) down to a smaller more handbag-size, by clipping the strap on to the middle d-rings rather than the top ones. The rings stick out a bit, but I don't mind that look.

I was inspired by the Timbuk2 Stowaway bag which is delightful but at US$50 for shipping (the bag is on sale at the mo for US$25) it's really not practical.

I also made the dress from Vogue 1020 yesterday, but it is NQR... I think I need to taper the sleeves. Will post when done, but once again it is black so a little hard to see!


kitty said...

Looks practical and stylish. Hope the road testing goes well!

delamare said...

I love it! I can see me carrying around one of those (VERY big hint there!). I love the way you've contrasted the fabrics too.