Monday, June 29, 2009

Knockoff in waiting

I tried on this frock in a shop a while ago while shopping with Moggy...
(Sneaky phone pic.) Cute, but too short for me (and a I prefer a bit of waist shaping. Still, I liked it enough to keep thinking about it. I think it's the collar)
Browsing around Pattern Review recently, I came across this pattern:
Pretty close, huh?
But it isn't out here yet.
eBay to the rescue. It's on its way!

Now I will be able to make a longer, shaped-for-me version.


Anonymous said...

Very close! Looks comfy.

BConky said...

I recently bought that pattern but have not given it a try yet.

Moggy said...

Have to add that the original frock in question is a classic case of much nicer on the bod than on the hanger... And your longer version will be even better, I feel it in my waters!

Gail said...

Looking forward to seeing this one made up. I like the detailing at the neck.

elbereth said...

It's always so cool to see the patterns that are dead-ringers for a RTW piece! Good job and good luck! Can't wait to see it.

LaKaribane said...

I was reading this in GReader and hadn't even finished reading your post that I thought of the Muse pattern.

Yes, because I own it, LOL!

But I think I'm too short and hourglass for it. Would make me look frumpy, I think.

But how cool is it to "meet" the real deal and find the PERFECT pattern for it, right away?

DeVille said...

If you don't mind some extra legwork (printing, taping) you can buy this for download at sewing, here:

I've already got it in my downloaded stash :)

Even better, it's only about $8 AUD!

kitty said...

Ah DeVille, I never thought of that. I've bought the pattern now, but thanks for the tip!