Saturday, December 06, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I found this old hem marker at Rozelle Markets last weekend. When I went to hand over the money, the stall holders asked me what it was. They thought it was something used for chemistry apparently. Maybe I'm wrong, but that little dish looks made for pins and the little metal thing fits my 20+ year old piece of tailor's chalk perfectly. (Seriously, does that chalk ever run out?)

I haven't been making frocks, but I have been sewing and knitting. It's gift-makin' season.
The hoodie is from this 'Get Creative' pattern from Spotlight, and it turns out it's a very well drafted pattern. I will give them a second look for basics now. The fabric is a flannel from Spotlight as well. It has a 'kangaroo pocket' on the front which is fairly hard to make out because of the busy car print, you can just see it in the closeup shot. That's for a 5 year old nephew. 5 year olds need pockets for stones and balloons and lollies.

The jumper below is the child's placket jumper from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It's in Filatura di Crosa's Zara merino, so lovely and sproingy to knit with. I love this book and have made many things from it, mainly gifts as it happens. This one is for 3 year old niece. These children live in Europe, hence the winter clothing gifts. Click to embiggen so you can see the little lady bugs climbing up the placket.
So too busy to make frocks. I still have one gift left to make, another western shirt for Mr M in a lovely wine-coloured poplin. I'd really like to get wine or burgundy coloured pearl snap closures. Snap source don't have them.


moggy said...

Your usual fine work Ms Kitty. Love the hem marker! Those eurokiddies will love 'em. Darn cute placket ladybirds too.

livebird said...

I saw that car fabric and toyed with the idea of something for the Curmugeon despite him being about 30 years older than its target market.

Hey Moggy, you need to craft a week metal chalk-holder for your skirt-marker! How are your engineering skills?

moggy said...

I was going to get the hot glue gun out this weekend, perhaps I could glue a dish to the bottom of mine...