Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wool wrap

Just in time for summer! There was a cold snap in Sydney this week, and I found myself hankering for a new jacket. Bit bored with the old ones.
Moggy kindly gave me a copy of out-of-print McCalls 4600 earlier this year, after I admired the asymmetrical jacket she made and took to Japan.

I used a light double knit wool from The Remnant Warehouse, and made the small.

Of course, I read the reviews on Pattern Review after I'd finished it, so I didn't know it's too big through the shoulders and upper body for most people. It's a little too big, but it's comfy.

I used a twin needle for the first time for this project, and I've gotta say, I'm sold! I like the look of the double stitching for the hems, rather than having zig-zaggy top stitching.

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Claudine said...

Nice job sewing, and it looks great on. Sometimes you just need a new jacket.