Saturday, May 10, 2008


OK, so I'm off overseas again in October, so of course I need a slightly different set of tripfits. I'm going to Rome and Paris, people, I must have clothes worthy of eyeliner!

So I have a few bits from the Japan trip, plus a few extras. I'm trying to travel super light, since we will be taking trains about the place and don't want to haul crapola all over the place.

Here's the first bit - a dress/pinafore in thick black stretch from Vogue 2446.

I want to make a wrap blouse to go under - I think I'll try Livebird's Rizzo blouse.

I am also thinking of some kind of cunning jacket-coat thingy which will somehow be stylish, full of pockets, yet unbulky... I might try the Stretch 'n' Sew 1025 blazer


kitty said...

another idea for a frock I am going to have to steal from you. Do you think the tie will make a bulge under the frock though, if you use the rizzo?

moggy said...

Hmm, true, I need something smooooth. Without even buttons perhaps!

A dickey! Does anybody make such things any more?