Thursday, May 15, 2008

(Almost) instant gratification

I bought this fabric and half past four and had the pinafore done by half past seven... it's a bought shirt though (co-incidently bought at the same place I got the fabric, I just realised).

I made the pattern from a 'sloper' a couple of years ago, inspired by a wonderful 1950s Vogue sewing book. (the red is the first fabric I made it from - a lovely wool woven with lycra)

As may be obvious, I do love a pinafore!


kitty said...

I think I need that gorgeous pinstripe for my New Look pinny. Meet you in the botanic gardens, come alone. We'll swap fabrics (I'll bring the blue roses). No funny stuff.

moggy said...

The secret password will be TEXTILE. Luckily there was metres left and it is a mere five bucks a metre.

It's got a nice amount o' stretch in it too. Did I mention I like stretch wovens?

delamare said...

This looks like something that you would have been snapped wearing while strolling purposely down Murray Street, past the Commonwealth Bank, circa 1957. (You know which photo I mean.)