Friday, March 07, 2008

Not a whole lot of craftin' goin' on

With Moggy's and my looming trip to JAPAN! there hasn't been much time for sewing at Chateau Le Dog Fluff. I have, however, completed another sock, and am most of the way through its little friend.

Physical Evidence:

M.O: Hot socks from Lincraft. Size 3 (US) Balene 11" circular needle. Magic loop with Boye Interchangeable for the toe. Knit from the top down, kitchenered the toe.
Suspect: The usual.

1 comment:

moggy said...

That's one fine sock there, my friend. I suppose I should be finishing my garments for Japan, but it is hard to be inspired to sew wool when it is THIRTY SEVEN FREAKIN' DEGREES.

Pardon me.