Saturday, December 15, 2007

Market vintage

Woo hoo, I love a vintage fabric find! I bought this piece today at Surry Hills Markets. It's polished cotton, just over 5 metres of it. Like a lot of vintage dress fabrics it's only 90cm wide, so I might need most of that yardage for a frock.

It shall stew in the stash until I think of the perfect frock for it to become. Any suggestions?


moggy said...

Mmmm, that is delightful! I am picturing shortsleeved frock with v-neck (perhaps your ever trusty 1123 wrap bodice) with either a slightly tuliped skirt or maybe even a faux wrap skirt with some pleats at the top, to match the 1123 top?

Lisa @ The Hem Line said...

Love this fabric . . . I see a wiggle skirted early 60s dress with a modest bodice. Like this one . . . McCall's 6634