Monday, August 27, 2007

Kitty haul part one - fabric

Oh yes, there was a lot of SEX* this weekend!

The top one is some blue cherry print (from Spotlight) which I need to make in to a summer frock with pockets and rick rack, oh yes I do!
Next is some claret 100% wool jersey on a roll holding 10m of sew-in interfacing, both from Remnants Warehouse in Marrickville. Under that - from left: a very thick black stretch cotton; black stretch sateen (both from Cabramatta); red stretch cotton with a blossom print (from Remnants Warehouse); linen-y floral print; grey and black graphic rose stretch sateen (both from Cabramatta). I really should have organised this photo shoot more logically. Oh who am I kidding. Never gonna happen. Also, notice that Moggy and I obviously share very similar taste in fabric?

Below that is fifties fair fabric: black floral seersucker (oh yeah, pleated neckline sheath is calling this one) and Moggy kindly shared the rosebud stuff with me yay! I'm seeing a sassy wiggle something with that one.
The last pic is some stretchy bengaline stuff from Pitt trading in a fab steely blue, along with some 70s patterns I found there.
I'll attempt to post the rest of the patterns tomorrow, but no promises!

(*SEX = stash enhancement expeditions)

(Sheepishly edited to add photo of fabric I had totally forgotten I'd bought)


Isabelle said...

Great stash! Such lovely fabrics, the cherry print is adorable. Sweet patterns, too.

moggy said...

Golly, we really did go to town! I have been contemplating what fabric goes with what pattern - such happy daydreams get one through the day. Although they once again make me rue that I am not independantly wealthy...