Saturday, July 28, 2007

Avoidence techniques

Yes, so I dragged out a tiny sewing machine table and my old cardboard cutting mat, then I dragged out some patterns... the sewing machine is still in the jungle... where are my scissors? Where are my pins? It is all too difficult. Maybe I should trace off some of the newly arrived patterns... but anyway, instead I have been organising the patterns and pictures on my computer, and added the lovely slideshow on the right (thanks to the lovely Lisa at The Hemline for the inspiration).

Oh, and eating passionfruit sponge from Green Refrectory in Brunswick. That woman can sure bake a spongecake.


kitty said...

This is some fancy pants blog we have now!

moggy said...

Oh yes! Although there aren't many pants pattern there... unless you mean it in the UK sense. Pants!

livebird said...

Ooooh. Green Refrectory spongecake. Lordy. Their vanilla slice is a bit special too. And dangerously close to Savers and Spotlight.

moggy said...

...and any of their muffins that contain pear. Rowr!

Yes, I accidently bought metres of black w/ pink spots and pink w/ black spots at Spottie (hur hur hur). If I ever find my scissors I'll have to do something about making it into something!