Tuesday, June 19, 2007

eBay success!

...because they are 1970s patterns, multisized, and there are a squillion of them on eBay (that seller has a stack). Excellent price - $1.80 each! (the postage was more than the patterns, but at that price it is not surprising).

As well as these two there is what I believe to be an EstherWilliamsAble swimsuit pattern, and a frock with waist seamage (I haven't posted either of those pics because they are not very clear - I got these from somewhere else).

I've been thinking of a jacket in a thickish knit for The Perfect Travel Wardrobe which I will have one day (it's getting there, one trip at a time). Of course this also requires the Perfect Thick Knit, which I will now search for until the last possible date before departure (-1 week for sewing). Wish me luck...


kitty said...

Consider luck wished! Mmmm, thick knits. I have my eye on that blazer, once you've muslined it for me of course, muslin slave! Muwahahahahaha!

moggy said...

Your wish is my commmmaaaand. I think it will be easy too, 'specially as I am intending to do the 'ol "sew the sleeve in first then do the side seams" trick. It's a knit, I can do that!