Saturday, May 12, 2007

And in more knitting news...

I finally succeeded in getting a boye needle master set on ebay. Yay for anodisey aluminium. I really got them because my beloved Denise set start at size 5 US and these start at size 2, so no more going out and buying small needles to finish off neckbands. Smaller needles are needed for vinatage and lacey things too, sometimes. Plus, anodisey! I don't like metal needles as a rule, but if it means I have the size I need when I need it, I'll be happy. Plus, anodisey! (By the way, check out the awesome skull afghan on this page. Woah)
And what I'm making with the Vintage Hues wool? Why a mini clapotis of course!


moggy said...

Mmmm, anodised anything.

You really have been going insane in the knitbrain! And I neeeed one of them skull afghans!

I didn't get back to Spottie, but have been having a mini-obsess about the insipid VoG. I think it would make a goo sundress, and at $5/m i could buy 4m and therefore place myself artfully...m

frockalicious said...

I love a goo obsession, me.
The effervescence through the veins as you think about getting the wool/fabric! Not being able to concentrate properly on anything else until you have your hands on the object of your obsession.
The risk of ambulance officers seeing the look in your eye as you head to Spottie, and giving you a shot of naltrexone!