Sunday, March 04, 2007

It made me do it!

I just couldn't resist the fabric any longer, so I bought it on Friday and made it on Saturday, using Vogue 9668 (AKA Frenchy and Sweetie and Spinout) but made it a v-neck instead of a sweetheart.

BTW, she is a stretch woven. Did I mention I rather like stretch wovens? ...and a demonstration of the difference between Jane and I, as worn on my dinner date on Wednesday night.

I bought 2.5 and have heeeps left (1.2m! I always forget how very economical this pattern is).
I could:
a) get some emerald satin and make a wrap
b) make it into an overskirt for when I feel like a full-skirted frock (and also wear that as a separate skirt)
c) make a little jackety-capey thingy
d) make something completely different out of it.

I think I might need the pink next. Oh, and some of the other prints in the same range are quait naice too...

I'm now off with a mission: to fill at least one garbage bag with clothes to take to the oppie. The seven pairs of shoes the other weekend made me feel so very virtuous!


frockalicious said...

oh my god, she is hott! I must get to Leeeeencraft! I must! (I think she wants, no, demands a sassy bolero.)

moggy said...

I accidently made the full skirt from the sweetie pattern, and wore it to work on Monday. Skirty!

I think I need the pink now. And maybe more of the green... or use the little bit I have left of the green to make collar 'n' cuffs?

PS I got the other two patterns today!

Anonymous said...

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