Saturday, March 24, 2007

2B pencil

A bit difficult to tell, but this is a different pencil/straight skirt in a wool/poly/elastane blend in a dark charcoal-y colour. Drapes very nicely indeed. I put in an invisible zipper using this tutorial. Not absolutely perfect, but the main issssew was not being able to press the zipper teeth and tape properly flat, they kept popping up again making it a bit time consuming.

Good old new look 6843. View B, no slit this time.

1 comment:

moggy said...

Now that looks like it would be both saucy AND comfy - what a combo! I love my pinstripe high waister with elastane component.

So the invisozio foot works OK? I am glad. I am quite the convert to those things, although they are a bit tricky...