Saturday, January 06, 2007


oh. That's right.

She is lovely, but I wish I hadn't used such stretchy lining, it's all puckery and yicky on some of the seams inside. Oh well. I do like my iPod pocket, on the front side lining. I appliqued El Musico on it. Appropriate!

I put two more pockets on the back lining, and appliqued La Mano on the phone pocket, El Corazon on the general purpose pocket. Not as appropriate!

At least with the different cards on the flap, and the different linings and pockets, we won't have any zany sitcom bag-switch situations. Unless we are very, very drunk.

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moggy said...

So I shouldn't have included that hip flask pocket?

I'm thinking that puff with black bands would look delightful... I might have to.