Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's, it's, the licorice twist

Ah, I love me a quick dress. The cutting out took the longest, and that wasn't that long.... I left out the back darts, they really weren't needed (darts in a knit frock, straaaange!)
Hellooo another tripfit methinks!

Black doesn't come out so well in photos - I knew I should've used camel! Here is the detail of the twist. There is a bit of drapey stuff just under the bust, but I don't mind it. I wonder how this knit will wash?


frockalicious said...

oooh noice! Excellent tripfit. I have read on PR something about taking out the drapey stuff under a twist top. Got something to do with not having a *ahem* full bust, they reckon.

moggy said...

I figure it just confuses the tummy issue a la What Not To Wear (ie what is tummy and what is fabric, we just don't know!) so alright by me...

Besides, I just don't do alterations for fit apart from that torso lengthening thing.

Hmm, I am thinking of this in my leopard velour (of which I still have many, many metres).


frockalicious said...

you may have to post a pic of your leopard velour, I can't remember it. But...would be goo I'm sure!