Monday, December 18, 2006

Brainwave alert

I have been mulling over the black spot cherry since I bought it, and apart from a cherrypuff shirt, which is a definite, I just wasn't sure what frock to make. I thought about making an A-line skirt so I could wear the shirt and skirt as a pseudo frock and separates, which would be nice, or a wrap dress, but I have a few of those and I wasn't really sure about this fabric in a wrap. I just had a brainwave which I think will be coooool... sweetie with a slim skirt and red bias binding trim!
I love the fit of posey's sweetheart bodice and sleeves, and I will wear a slim skirt much more often than posey's big skirt. Maybe even a slight A-line skirt could be attached rather than the fuller skirt.

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moggy said...

Cor, Lummee, Love A Duck, she will be lovely.

At last count I have made three frocks from this pattern - all slim skirts. But I have used the full skirt for other dresses, strangely enough...